Book Review Policy

We have recently received a number of requests concerning our policy on book reviews.

Reviewers:  If you have a review you want considered for publication on the  FCR Blog please email in word doc to with a jpeg photo of the cover and reviewer, link to the book  and brief bio of the reviewer.

Authors/Publishers:  If you have review copies of your book and desire consideration for FCR to review the book please send to FCR, 7930 Barnes Street, a-7, Philadelphia, Pa. 19111.

We are pleased to announce that all poetry collections received with the exception of chapbooks will be donated to Ryerss Museum and Library for inclusion in their poetry section. This applies to books reviewed or not.

Reviews are open to all genres, however books by the staff of The Fox Chase Review are exempt.

The Fox Chase Review

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5 responses to “Book Review Policy

  1. I am looking for a new home for book reviews…

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  3. How many copies of book do you want/need for a review?

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