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Wittle and Lowenthal Bring Autumn to Ryerss


Featured readers MM WIttle and Rodger Lowenthal welcomed Autumn to Ryerss with a colorful reading. The featured readers were followed by an open mic with Wendy Schermer, Maria Keane, Elizabeth Rivers and Alice Wootson.

Please view photographs of the event here:

Next up in Fox Chase: Bill Wunder and Robert Rosenbloom Oct. 26th

Our Nominations for Best of the Net



Beauty by Nathalie Anderson

Work Song by Jose Angel Araguz

Philadelphia Hipster by Peter Baroth

Cry of my empty womb by Salvwi Prasad

Spring at Dames Quarter by Russell Reece

Martyr’s Day by Dennis Daly


Sleeping on the Couch by George Wyelsol

Bed by Beverly Romain

FCR Broadsides 14-11 and 14-12 Available on September 28th


Our Broadside Series continues with 14-11 and 14-12 printed in a limited edition of 30 copies.  Broadside 14-12, The Installation by MM Wittle and 14-11, Smooth the Way by Rodger Lowenthal. These  broadsides will be available on September 28th at our Featured Poet/Writer Reading at Ryerss Museum and Library. More information at this link:






Coming Soon: The 19th Edition of The Fox Chase Review

Autum 2014 CoverThe Autumn 2014 Edition of The Fox Chase Review is in production and should appear on line sometime in late October. We will be presenting the following poets and writers.

Poetry by: Charles Carr, Bibhas Roy Chowdhury/Kiriti Sengupta, Noah Cutler, Emari DiGiorgio , James Guth, Ben Heins, David Livewell, Maria Massington, Laren McClung, Kelly McQuain,  Robert Milby,  John Richard Smith,  Changmin Yuan,  Jason Wright

Fiction by: Dennis Lawson and Danny Johnson

Zvi A. Sesling in The Fox Chase Review


The Poetry of Zvi A. Sesling in the Summer 2014 Edition of The Fox Chase Review

Mike Cohen in The Fox Chase Review


The Poetry of Mike Cohen in the Summer 2014 Edition of The Fox Chase Review

Zach Fishel in The Fox Chase Review


The Poetry of Zach Fishel in the Summer 2014 Edition of The Fox Chase Review