street psalms- collected poems by James D. Quinton

Charles Loudon*

The Fox Chase Review 

         James Quinton has been banging around the small press world for over a decade. His poems have been published internationally on a grand scale, similar to the great American Poet A.D. Winans who is 40 years his senior. Realism is the hallmark of this body of work. Quinton has lived life and it is reflected in his poetry, not imagined or written from what may have been, but from living life.

         Quinton writes in “fresh faced and keen” of a young man working in a chain video store who is new on the job, fresh with enthusiasm, marking the transformation and disenchantment at the end of the poem. “… chained to the counter/ watching the hands of the clock/ taunting him as they move/ very, very slowly”.

        From “the darkness creeps in where there was light” – “… numbly staring, waiting for/ something to/  happen, I’m always waiting/ the angels/ know where I live/ but the/ demons know my name”

       In “between the cracks in the floorboards” Quinton reflects on self imposed loneliness – “ideally I want to exist/ between the cracks/in the floorboards/ out of society/ out of circulation/ absorbing solitude/ behind the door/ of a locked room/ an existence enclosed……. People pass/ they don’t know/ I’m here”

       This collection of seventy poems also marks the growth and transformation of Quinton. Written between 2001 and 2007 he brings us through the events of the everyday, but it is not all dreary.

      From “street psalm (version) – “ the search  for an understanding/ is an invite to all…Marvel at the planet we walk/ and the sky we live under… the late night streets/ indeed everywhere/ alive with beauty and wonder…”

       street psalms- collected poems by James D. Quinton, published by Xplosive Books, isbn: 978-1-4452-0685-1 can be purchased at Amazon by using this link:  Street Psalms

* Charles Loudon lives on Cottman Avenue in Philadelphia, he is not sure if he lives in Fox Chase or Burholme depending on who he speaks to. He is frequent visitor to the Ryerss Library.

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