Finding the Words by Dan Maguire

Charles Loudon* – The Fox Chase Review 

           Dan Maguire is a master craftsman with words. His voice is quiet yet brutally honest in this collection of 27 poems presented by Plan B Press. There is loneliness and sense of loss yet Maguire at his core is a romantic.

           From Reprise:

               “Over and over you hear her/ combing the world through her hair, / muttering the long day’s shimmer. / everyone else condemned, subsiding/ separately, in waiting.”

           A beautiful image shadowed by what is to come.

          From Outpost:

               “I blow a smoke ring in the air/ watch it rise, pretending it’s a prayer/ with a chance of answer/ I watch until the moon inhales the smoke, my breath.”

           From Icarus:

               “ You say you love to fly/ Perhaps that’s where you go/ times when I can’t reach you/ times I pray for more and more/ You keep this heavy love of air/ to give you something/ in your strange sad inventory/ that I do not have”

           Finding the Words is a collection that will have you returning to catch the sound, images Maguire’s style lifts from the page time and again.

           Released in 2008, the collection is available from Plan B Press at this link:

          Maguire will be reading with Lynn Levin on January 30th at The Fox Chase Reading Series, 2pm, at 3 Sisters Corner café.

You can read the poetry of Dan Maguire poetry at The Fox Chase Review by clicking this link: 

* Charles Loudon lives on Cottman Avenue in Philadelphia, he is not sure if he lives in Fox Chase or Burholme depending on who he speaks with. He is frequent visitor to the Ryerss Library.

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