Lindner and Cutler in Fox Chase January 29th

January 29th @2pm – The Fox Chase Reading Series presents the prose and poetry of Noah Cutler and April Lindner at 3 Sisters Corner Café, 7950 Oxford Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19111.

April Lindner is the author of Jane, a novel from Little, Brown’s Poppy released in October 2010. Her poetry collection, Skin, received the 2002 Walt McDonald first book poetry prize from Texas Tech University Press. With R. S. Gwynn, she co-edited Contemporary American Poetry, an anthology in Longman’s Penguin Academics series. She is an Associate Professor at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. You can read the poetry of April Lindner in The Fox Chase Review at this link: 2010 AW

Noah Cutler is a retired real estate lawyer living in St. Davids, Pennsylvania. He enjoys writing essays and novels, as well as writing and performing his poetry. Short stories are a very recent genre for him, and he is excited about the new adventures it is providing. You can read the prose of Noah Cutler in The Fox Chase Review at this link: 2010 SU

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