National Poetry Month and More

Events to celebrate National Poetry Month:

 April 3rdMoonstone Arts Presents15th Annual Poetry Ink Reading

 2nd Tuesdays on April 12th 

Anderson and Leo in Fox Chase April 17th 


May 10th @ Hop Angel Brauhaus – 2nd Tuesdays Poetry Open Mic  

May 22nd  – Maria Lisella and Gil Fagini feature @ Ryerss

…. And in June

The tenth edition of   The Fox Chase Review  will be released.

Poetry by:

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Christine O’Leary-Rourke, Francesco Levato, Michelle Cahill, Carlos Reyes, Lauren Camp, Joshua Gray, J.V. Foerster, Jack Veasey, Michael Graves, Josiah Bancroft, J.J. Campbell, Kammika Williams-Witherspoon, Bruce Kramer, Marty Esworthy, Lindsey Warren

Fiction by:

Michael Onofrey, Noah Cutler, Louise Halvardsson, Bob Davis, Nicolette Wong, William Hastings.

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