The Poetry and Art of Ellen Peckham at Dalet Gallery March 2nd through April 14th

Where: Dalet Gallery, 141 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

From March 2nd through April 14th The Dalet Gallery will dedicate its space to the many aspects of Ellen Peckham’s  work — not only prints (the dark, mystical ones containing dark poems and the colorful abstract ones that support haiku) but also collages, constructions and some quirky items of wearable art.

And if that were not challenging enough to any curator the poems, often integral to the visual work, will be featured in a reading and performance of them in musical settings by Gerald Busby. A rather a-typical “catalog” that includes information on the history and impetus of the various works from sketches and notes to finished pieces, is available and includes a CD of the music. The exhibition, book and CD are together called Continuum: the Art of Ellen Peckham for the attempt the artist has made to lead the view/reader through the history, the development of the pieces on view over, often, decades.

Irena Gobernik, Director of Dalet, describes the Gallery’s concept for the exhibit from her first visit to my studio here in New York. “At first Ellen’s environment seems distinct from the works, varied as they are in themselves. Her loft is intense with her own art (finished and in process) and that of friends. Here papier mâché sculptures co-exist with Latin American retables, Tibetian horns hang above shelves of books, glass, china, Asian and European objects large and small. Nothing vanishes in this place.”

“But moving from one work to another we realize the unity of the aesthetic. And realize we want to show Ellen Peckham’s art not as separate, perfectly performed works nor as a series united by technique or period of creation but as the record of the life of an amazing, adventurous and multi-talented person who has shrugged off being limited in expectations, styles or media.”

The reading/premier of the music is scheduled for Saturday, March 24th at 4PM.

Ellen Peckham in The Fox Chase Review: 2008 AW ; 2010 WS

Ellen Peckham’s website

Dalet website

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