An Evening of Poetry in Bryn Mawr – June 14th







An Evening of Poetry in Bryn Mawr – June 14th 7:30-9:30pm

Featuring  Poets  Diane Sahms-Guarnieri, Lawren Bale  Michael Cohen and g emil reutter

The Leonard Nelson Gallery

932 W. Lancaster Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Diane Sahms Guarnieri is a Philadelphia Poet and Poetry Editor of The Fox Chase Review and co-curates The Fox Chase Reading Series. Her first collection Images of Being, was released in October of 2011.   Nicolette Milholin of the Montgomery County News said of Images of Being, “Like a well-written memoir, Sahms-Guarnieri’s work shoots straight to the center of human experience instead of hiding pain under a false fabric of pretension.” Barbara Bialick of the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene said, “To Diane Sahms-Guarnieri, images are an all-important way she remembers people from her childhood and on into motherhood.” Her poetry has been published in The Southern Ocean Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, Autumn Sky Poetry, Many Mountains Moving, The Philadelphia Inquirer Blinq, The Fox Chase Review, Folio, Philadelphia Stories, Mid-West Cultural Council, Mad Poets Review, Limited Editions among others. You can visit her on the Internet at:

 Lawren Bale lives in Narberth, Pennsylvania with his wife Martina and their daughter Annabelle Jean Elisabeth (born 11/11/01). The youngest of three brothers, Bale was raised in rural California and attended the University of Hawaii. He has worked in the potato fields, apricot sheds, super markets, and wilderness forests of Southern California. His poetry reflects his wide flung travels, and his formal studies of epistemology, ecology, religion and culture. Bale began writing poetry while attending the University of Hawaii, during the Vietnam War. Down ‘n Out Press has printed five volumes of his poetry: Prochronisms; Proto Post Modern Blues; Ecomind; Termites Tribal March & Midtown Charity Ball; and most recently, Restoring the Gordian Knot. He is presently working on a collection of new poems tentatively entitled, In the Rapture of Nature’s Hermeneutic. His poetry has been published in several anthologies; the journal, “Cybernetics & Human Knowing;” and on the Internet.

Reflective, philosophical, and humorous, Mike Cohen’s writing is an ongoing attempt to make sense of this life and this universe It addresses the Big Bang and the little bumps as well. There is no topic too meaningful or too nonsensical. Mike’s poetry has appeared in the Mad Poets Review, Poetry Forum Anthology, Fox Chase Review, Schuylkill Valley Journal, the Mt. Airy Times Express, and the Philadelphia Daily News. His poetic presentations have been featured in programs at various schools, bookstores, coffee shops, and libraries. His poems have been aired on SKN radio, and he has served as a judge in the Montgomery County Poet Laureate competition. Mike’s poetic philosophy is: “Poetry doesn’t have the answers, it’s just a beautiful way of putting the questions.” Currently, Mike hosts Poetry Aloud and Alive, a popular monthly poetry program in its fifth year at Mt. Airy’s Big Blue Marble Book Store. His articles on Philadelphia sculpture appear in the Schuylkill Valley Journal in which he is a contributing editor. He is a docent at Chestnut Hill’s Woodmere Art Museum. Some of Mike’s poetry can be seen and heard on the web by visiting:


g emil reutter lives and writes in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia where he founded The Fox Chase Review and The Fox Chase Reading Series.  Eight collections of his poetry and prose have been published, most recently Carvings in November 2010.   Eileen Tabios of Galatea Resurrects said of Blue Collar Poet, “…there’s a deceptive slyness in many of these poems that heighten the pleasure they offer. Pleasure is critical since these poems are written in a straightforward manner, clear on their goal of simply sharing an experience that, in turn, hopefully engages the reader.” Louis McKee said of Carvings, “g. emil reutter is an urban poet, a man with a city and a town, with family and friends, but in this collections he finds succor, comfort and peace in the fringes of nature, the cold, swift anonymity of creeks and rivers and denizens of the margins.” You can visit him on the Internet at:


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  1. Is there an open at the end of the scheduled readings?

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