Jazz Musings and Similar Poems by Lester Mobley

20 pages

Published by Mobley Publishing

Many poets have loved the influence of Jazz on their poetry and performance. Lester Mobley has embraced Jazz in a series of poems in this twenty page chapbook. Mobley who has worked in the construction trades for many years is a lifelong Jazz enthusiast. The collection greets the reader with “I Fall in Love Too Easily”, a piece that blends music, poets and artists into one tight stanza that begins the poem.

Miles Davis stands

At the edge of the crevasse.

Flashes upon splashes


Jackson Pollock drippings

Holiday lyrics

Bukowski’s Chinaski

Picasso abstracts

Points of departure

And of no return.

Mobley covers Elvin, Coltrane, Davis and Chambers and achieves this in a unique lyrical cadence. “These Are The Cool Essentials” is a five page poem that chronicles the movement and attitude of Jazz through the 1950’s.

“The embodiment, the exemplification, the essence, and model prototype of “The Cool”. It doesn’t get any better then this. These were the days when men were men and women were women while all those in between at least knew what time it was. Today’s phony, irrelevant, sound-byte ethos pales in comparison.”

You can read “I Fall in Love Too Easily” at his link: http://www.foxchasereview.org/11AW/LMobley.html
To contact Lester Mobley: lestmbly@aol.com




-g emil reutter

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