Moonstone Arts Center Moving

The Moonstone Arts Center is moving at the end of the year and with the move comes the end of the legendary Robin’s Bookstore.  Larry Robin has been a lifelong promoter of the arts and literature in Philadelphia.  Thousands of poets/writers/musicians have performed their work at Robin’s and Moonstone always with encouragement from Larry.  While performing at Robin’s has always been a right of passage for Philadelphians engaged in the arts, Larry also opened his venue to artists from all over the United States and the world.  Emerging artists benefited greatly from the experience of performing at this venue, established artists returned time and again to visit with Larry.

History of Robin’s Bookstore: 

Robin’s Bookstore has been a uniquely Philadelphia brand since 1936 and the final departure will leave a hole in the heart of the city. Moonstone Arts Center will continue at another location that will be announced at the end of year. The center is currently offering 60% off all books in stock. Larry has given generously to the arts community for decades so it would be wonderful if you could give back, stop by and pick up a few books.

Moonstone hasn’t rolled up the carpets and have outstanding events scheduled for the rest of the year. You can find a listing at this link: 

Many of us remember our first feature at the Moonstone Poetry Series or reading at “100 Poets” also known as Poetry Ink.  There are three months left, take the time to climb the steps from 13th Street, enter the center, say hello to Larry, catch a show, and buy a book.  Remember this place, feel the fabric of the city pulling and savor it.

We at The Fox Chase Review thank Larry Robin for all he has done and wish him the best when he opens The Moonstone Arts Center at its new location.


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