Cadillac Men – Poems by Rebecca Schumejda

Publisher: New York Quarterly Books

ISBN: 978-1-935520-68-9

151 pages

Review by: g emil reutter

Cadillac Men is a collection of character and place poems that encircles the reader drawing them into the world of the pool hall. These are not just plain spoken poems but poems that celebrate great victory, defeat, and betrayal. Schumejda highlights again and again the addictive nature of pool and the hustle. How the competition never ends even if those playing appear to be friends. Like the dive bar poetry of some meat poets, Schumejda reveals life in a pool hall of high stakes amongst those with low means.  Her words unlike the meats are not sparse but flowing with description and packed with the emotion of someone who has been there, her power of observation is at its peak in this collection.

There are those who write about the sub-culture of American life and those who write about the world they live in. Rebecca Schumejda brings her world, characters and all to the forefront in a collection of poems based in the reality of first-hand knowledge. These poems draw the reader into her world from the first poem to the last leaving the reader with the desire for more.

Poems by Rebecca Schumejda in The Fox Chase Review: and

g emil reutter is a Philadelphia Poet


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