Saul Broudy – A Profile

Philadelphian Saul Broudy of Fox Chase has been performing for over 40 years in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Mid-East. He accompanies his singing on guitar, but is best-known as a harmonica player, having worked and recorded with such artists as Steve Goodman, Loudon Wainwright, Jim Ringer, Utah Phillips and Mick Moloney, among others. He has his own album, Travels with Broudy. Saul also recorded a collaborative album with other singers, In Country- Americans in the Vietnam War

Saul Broudy performs regularly for The Pennsylvania Humanities Council and The New Jersey Humanities Council. Although known as a folk singer he also plays blues, country, bluegrass and contemporary music.

Broudy is also a regular at The Fox Chase Reading Series performing solo and collaborating with Poet Rodger Lowenthal. His stunning harmonica playing is always a enjoyed by the crowd. In addition to his touring of folk festivals and other venues he is known to join bands at local events and pubs on stage. You can visit with Saul at Facebook and listen to him play on Youtube.

Saul Broudy on Youtube

Saul Broudy on Facebook

2 responses to “Saul Broudy – A Profile

  1. rodger lowenthal

    a pleasure to know the man (and have him perform with me).

    • I’m humbled and flattered by all this attention, thanks to FCR! I love you too, Rodger, even though your computer’s still on daylight time.

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