Braided Creek, A Conversation in Poetry, Ted Kooser and Jim Harrison

Braided Creek

Paperback: 90 pages
Publisher: Copper Canyon Press; First Edition edition (April 1, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 155659187X
ISBN-13: 978-1556591877

Poetic Review by: Rodger Lowenthal 

I have 2 South Florida library cards

one from a community college

the other from a library surrounded

by over 55 communities

But in typical fashion

there are miles of fiction shelves

blocks of history and current events

yards of biographies

and a few feet of poetry

Dickinson, Whitman, maybe some Eliot

the Best American Poetry of some years

no Rich, Levine, Dunn, Hirsch or Hirshfield

and then squeezed between 2 over-sized

anthologies a small volume

by Harrison and Kooser, Braided Creek

friends talking over distances, trading brief

aphoristic verses: lighthearted—All those years/I

had in my pocket/I spent them/nickel –and – dime.

Fatalistic: The wit of the corpse/is lost on the lid of the coffin.

Keenly observant: The pilot razor- point pen is my/

Compass,watch, and soul chaser./Thousands of

Miles of black squiggles.

Poems with abundant mordant humor

the poets laughing at themselves

at age, illness, and unbleak mortality.

Stars from horizon to horizon./

A whole half universe/ just to light the path.

Many haiku-like:In deer season/walking

in the woods/I sing like Pavorotti.

Or The butterfly’s brain/ the size of a grain

of salt/ guides her to Mexico

A page or two at bedtime guarantees

Sleep with a smile on your face.

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Rodger LowenthalRodger Lowenthal is a poet from Eastern Montgomery County Pennsylvania who is known to frequent Ryerss Museum and Library  in Fox Chase. His poetic reviews of books have appeared on line in various literary blogs. He is known to pick up pieces of cigars and Hollywood whenever he can.


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