Lighthead by Terrance Hayes


Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books; 1 edition (March 30, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0143116967
ISBN-13: 978-01431169

Poetic Review by Rodger Lowenthal 

I wake too early

You are on my brain

I relive the reading

Skim all the books for reinforcement


Like a singer stretching for tension

Like Hitchcock dropping clues

I see you as a street poet

Busking the London tubes

Or subways Phila or New York

A large physical presence demands

At least a cursory listen


Words in polished repetition that hint

Of uncertain spontaneity

And the idiomatic black speak

That offends some   titillates others

You bend over the lectern

Applause briefly tames your energy

A few words before turning the page

Before leaping into the next poem

And you are getting paid serious money

Not small bills dropped into a hat

For sharing your heart


So far from childhood, from home

Yet so close

Your words a punch to the gut

Give my liberal conscience pause

But I want more   more

Treat yourself to Terrance’s books

Prepare to be stunned to awe


You can find Lighthead at Amazon:

Rodger LowenthalRodger Lowenthal is a poet from Eastern Montgomery County Pennsylvania who is known to frequent Ryerss Museum and Library  in Fox Chase. His poetic reviews of books have appeared on line in various literary blogs. He is known to pick up pieces of cigars and Hollywood whenever he can.


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