Poetry with a P(0)int – Hummingbirds Lounge atop Catherine Rooney’s

Poetry with A Point 003

We traveled down the I-95 corridor to Wilmington for Poetry with a Point at Hummigbirds Lounge in Trolley Square. As with most poetry events we attend in Delaware the place was packed. The evening offered an eclectic mix of original and established works of poetry, fiction,  music and art. The Host Bert Moniz did an excellent job of keeping the evening moving and it was quite enjoyable. Billed as “To Anna and Pablo with Love” the evening did not disappoint.

Poetry with A Point 004

Kenny Vanello opened and closed the evening with a beautiful song Love is a Simple Melody.

Poetry with A Point 008Poet Elsie Dobga kicked off the poetry segment with young love gone wrong

Poetry with A Point 009

Owen Compton continued the theme in song

Poetry with A Point 011

Bob Davis shared a libidinous piece of flash fiction.



Poetry with A Point 016

Poetry with A Point 017A tribute to Pablo Neruda followed with Luz reading the original Spanish version and Diane Sahms-Guarnieri reading the English translation of Sonnets 93 and 94. Diane shared an introduction into the works of Neruda.

Poetry with A Point 023

Luz displayed a painting dedicated to her grandfather.

Poetry with A Point 024

Roya Carney followed with the songs Bring You My Love and Dancer.

Poetry with A Point 028

Diane Sahms-Guarnieri reads a poem from her collection “Images of Being”

Poetry with A Point 029

Anton Shepsly and Barb Gray followed with reading Anton reading the original Russian and Barb reading the English translation of works by Anna Akhmatova followed by a discussion “Is it lost in Translation”.


Poetry with A Point 001

It was a great evening for poetry, fiction, music and art at Hummingbirds Lounge in Wilmington. You can view more photos from this event at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12065560@N04/sets/72157603927065737/


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