Listen To The Landscape- Linda Nemec Foster and Dianne Carroll Burdick

Listen To The Landscape

Haiku by Linda Nemec Foster. Images by Dianne Carroll Burdick

PAPERBACK; Published: 7/28/2006

ISBN: 978-0-8028-2898-9

72 Pages


 On the surface, Listen to the Landscape is a beautiful book of quiet haiku and beautiful hand colored images. The work of Foster and Burdick between the covers is an intimate dance of words and images that compliment each other drawing the reader into the quietness and beauty of everyday images that surround us.
New World
You see the new world
How the end of ocean
Becomes land, pure flight
This haiku is complimented by an image of the rocky shoreline in North New Jersey. We often think of the land ending, yet Foster reminds us that the ocean also ends. Burdick’s image reinforces the haiku in dramatic fashion.
I rise from earth, I
Shelter all things you give me,
I Keep the secrets
An image by Burdick of a barn located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania compliments this haiku. The barn sits atop a small hill, manicured lawn surrounds it, yet the barn doors and windows are shut tight as the barn fulfills its duty to keep the secrets stowed away inside.
The haikus in this collection are carefully crafted and the hand colored images are outstanding. The collection has a gentle voice and the landscapes are peaceful.


You can find the book at:

– g emil reutter



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