A premiere …

By Frank Wilson
There is, in our patio garden, a steel sculpture by David Tothero called The General. Not long after it was installed I began a sequence of poems inspired by it. Then I thought it might be nice to do a video of it, with me reading excerpts from the poem sequence. David took a bunch of photos, and I asked my friend John Timpane — a fine poet himself — to provide some musical accompaniment. Finally, my peerless tech advisor Laura Mikowychok put it all together. The text of the excerpts is below the video. The whole sequence can be found here.

Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=F5ghSkBny2I

To lead demands a good deal
More than issuing commands:
Orders may be traced to stars —
Angles, surfaces, curves and planes
Forged within a molten core
Spun from the sun.
It is the antagonist
One waits and watches for,
Not the enemy. One must focus
On technique and form, be ready
To accept defeat or claim
Victory, time and again,
With equal grace, until
The final contest bears down,
Like a wave in the dark.
Cannon bursts echo
Exploding stars, and the planet’s heart
Flows liquid as the sun’s flame.
Light bends, space curves.What
Strategy or tactics may we devise
Equal to the charges we are made of?
These bones lay scattered
Until a knowing hand gathered
And assembled them as now
They stand. We are all
Assemblages of lines
Whether straight or bending,
Tempered well or ill,
Random scraps found
To mix and haply match.
Angles soften in moonlight,
Curves grow supple. In darkness
We renew ourselves, but in sunlight
Stiffen, like stalks bracing
Themselves against the wind,
Though the air be still.
Those in the know
Or thought to be
Claim light divides
Into color. Notice, though,
This blue shaping
The shade of morning
Amid the budding green,
Colors in consort
Nourishing the light.

Frank Wilson reads with John Timpane this Sunday at The Fox Chase Reading Series, 2nd Floor Gallery of The Ryerss Museum and Library. More info at this link: https://foxchasereview.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/march-24th-frank-wilson-and-john-timpane-in-fox-chase/


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