signposts for sleepwalkers by Michele A. Belluomini

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Plan B Press


Review by g emil reutter

Within the pages of signposts for sleepwalkers, Michele Belluomini ,uses images to bring us along on her walk into the reality of memories and the surreal nature of dreams. From facing fear of the unknown to watching in the shadows, she travels on trains home; brings us to the Triangle Factory in 1911 … human comets streaking through the air. She returns to the stormy rains and snow of everyday life.
She writes of ghosts that rise and fall around her, the shadow of the train rolling over the rusted hulk of another and of dreams.
From Dream poem #28
we dreamed we were darkness
all the best lives were taken
everything a mirror
in the walls of the blue house
you could find the answers     if only
thunder and lightning in the midst of a snowstorm
people ripping up letters and receipts
incriminating evidence
I had already stopped doing the slip/slide dance
I kept remembering things
Belloumini is a master at images such as this from Meshes of the Afternoon (after a film by Maya Deren):
a woman
a door
sunlight on a mirror
a key
and a knife in an empty house
ascending stone stairs
a woman holds power in her mouth
her mirrored faces echo
the knife’s lucent edge
into an open palm
Belluomini reminds us of places forgotten.  … and empty wire hangers in a closet filled with longing. Of family… I tried to run away from it/travelling here and there/still, I have returned, prodigal daughter/knowing escape is no longer the point.  And the pond in the mountains … chimeras of steam float over its surface to the variations of the ocean. Her homes and apartments become characters onto themselves. signposts for sleepwalkers – get the book.


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g emil reutter bw almost uptown poetry cartel 2– g emil reutter lives and writes in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pa.

One response to “signposts for sleepwalkers by Michele A. Belluomini

  1. What a fantastic title. I don’t believe somnambulism is a habit of mine; that sounds intriguing. Thanks for the recommendation.

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