Between Angels by Stephen Dunn

Poetic Review by: Rodger Lowenthal 
A poem by Stephen Dunn from Between Angels
                                            (ordered by Rodger Lowenthal)
solace is cheap (15
There’s a melodramatist
     in every man (17
so much can be endured (9
kindness of any kind shames me (21
Friendship: someone leaning
     to your side of the truth (23
to live a life…flawlessly (26
sad lives
     and almost perfect art (25
when I was rotten with virtue (29
…I’ve known the emptiness
     of nothing to say (31
…the nothing that exists
     after accomplishment (31
     I’m late for love
and love is famous for not waiting well
     for conjuring its enemies (34
        How could we not
have become friends
or the kind of enemies
who must talk into the night (35
one thing and always the disturbing
insistence of another, fat life itself (40
     all she knew of tenderness
was how much she wanted it (41
Oh abstractions are just abstract
until they have an ache in them (42
     there is no sweetness
that doesn’t leave a stain (43
Dunn Again
I go farther back to
Full Of Lust And Good Usage
Another heavenly swamp
of beautiful language
I read a few poems
put the book down
and just as quickly
pick it up again and open
randomly:  The waitress looks at my face/
as if it were a small tip.
Down and up again:
She a friend once said/
was a calligrapher of the dark.
a few lines later:
She wonders how one becomes/
a casualty of desire.
Poems full of sweetness
always revealing, daring discovery.
these poems from the mid-1970s
a harbinger not to be ignored.

Between Angels can be purchased at this link:


Rodger Lowenthal 4Rodger Lowenthal is a poet from Eastern Montgomery County Pennsylvania who is known to frequent Ryerss Museum and Library  in Fox Chase. He is a regular contributor of book reviews to FCR and an occasional host at the reading series. He also hosts “Under the Stars”, a poetry and musical quarterly event. His poetic reviews of books have appeared on line in various literary blogs. He is known to pick up pieces of cigars and Hollywood whenever he can. Rodger will be hosting Poets on the Porch 2013 on July 13th @ Ryerss Museum and Library.



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