Crossing Waters by Ray Garman

crossingPublisher: Whirlwind Press (2008)
ASIN: B001N4C5RI                                                
Review by: g emil reutter
In Crossing Waters, Ray Garman brings us through the seasons of his life.  This is not a collection of what if’s, but of what was and what is. These poems are based in reality and written with passion and emotion. In an age of poetic objects and disconnects, Garman connects with lyrical poems of the movements of life.  He reminds us of the passion and angst of teenage love in a series of poems in the spring section; to juke joints and coffee shops in the summer section; of hopes and laments in the autumn section; to shuttle buses and sink holes in the winter section.
Garman is always looking for the truth and has presented us with a collection of honest poems such as this beautiful poem about the Trade Towers:
Trade Tower Space
Same buildings
seen when sauntered
searching for lunch
More direct now,
less crater than expanse
nothing in between
but empty space
where towers stood
stories high.
A silent
rustles of wind
blow dust
that might just hold
part of a friend,
or subway
I used to take
Spirits hang
amidst this space,
no longer gaping hole
but fill,
filling I,
to build again,
to live again,
or discouraged.
Crossing Waters  is a collection of poems written by a poet who understands loss, love, hope and has an eternal belief in the goodness of man.
g emil reutter             g emil reutter lives and writes in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pa. (USA)

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