Marquette Boutique Opens in Fox Chase


The arts community continues to grow along the Oxford Avenue corridor in Fox Chase. Clothing designer Tyron Perrin has opened up the Marquette Boutique at 340 Loney Street in the heart of Fox Chase.  A self-taught designer, Perrin has been in the business for nine years.  “I wanted to open a small store close to my home that could accommodate clients.” Perrin has designed clothing for the stars attending the Grammy awards, BET awards, Esspy Award and TV1 awards.  Marquette will cater to celebrities but also will cater to non-celebrities as Perrin looks to expand his boutique operations from Loney Street to additional locations.






.Rea Melissa Davis recently highlighted Perrin on her blog stating that “Marquette Collection takes over the 2013 BET Awards Red Carpet.” Fabulize magazine produced a story describing Perrin as the most talked about designer for his design for Free at the BET awards.  DSCF0213The Marquette Collection and Head Designer Tyron Perrin are quickly becoming known on the national stage and now from his current home in Fox Chase. Custom clothes are created by Perrin by appointment at his Fox Chase boutique so if you want to dress like the stars and have a design that highlights your attributes give Tyron a call and see what he can create for you.  Perrin plans a grand opening of the boutique within the next month.

The boutique can be contacted at 215-821-2631 for an appointment and can be found on Facebook at this link: .


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