Blossom By Donigan Merritt

Blossom Book CoverHardcover: 404 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse (August 17, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1463441398
ISBN-13: 978-1463441395
Reviewed By Stephen Page
So, I’m in Brazzaville, right? And I’m in this canoe, and this local is paddling me up the river between Congo and Zaire, when all of a sudden this hippo surfaces right next to the canoe, and then another surfaces, and another, and I think I’m gonna die, right, and one of the hippos opens his mouth right next to my elbow, and I stand up and I rip my cell phone from its holster to call home to tell Mom I love her, but when I look down at the phone I notice it’s connected to the net and it’s opened to this webpage entitled Random Literary Blogging, and there’s this blurb about a book entitled Blossom, and I start reading it and I forget about the hippos, and everything is fine, and I’m floating up the river right past those hippos and I’m feeling great and the reading is interesting, and the blurb has a link to read a preview of the novel, and I’m reading that and I’m still floating up the river and I’m still standing up in the canoe and I discover that Blossom is a book concerning the injustices of racial prejudice, and that if takes place in Arkansas, and that reading the story makes me feel that literature is still alive, that the novel is not dead, so I order a copy of the book on-line and as soon as I press the “buy” button, the local paddling the canoe turns the canoe hard to the right toward the shore and rams into the muddy bank and I am flung forward and I do a flip in the air but I land on my feet in thick mud and look back at the local who was padding the canoe but he just smiles and points behind me so I turn around and trudge my way up this slippery plant-overgrown trail and find my friend, who works with orphaned gorillas, waiting for me at the edge of the jungle and we go off to save some orphans. Oh, yes, I bought the Kindle version of the book, but I noticed I could have purchased the hardcover or softcover versions also.
Colonia, UruguayDonigan Merritt was born in southwest Arkansas in 1945, and left home at the age of seventeen. He has worked as a journalist, scuba diver, fishing boat captain, sailing instructor, and university professor. He has a BA and MA degree in philosophy; the BA is with Honors from Simpson College, the MA is from the Claremont Graduate School. He also has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from the Iowa Writers Workshop. His first novel, One Easy Piece, was published by Coward-McCann in 1981. Since then, he has published seven novels, the most recent: “The Love Story of Paul Collins,” published by B&B Books, 2012. Mr. Merritt is currently living in Mexico City
Donigan Merritt’s webpage: Donigan Merritt.
Stephn Page with Congolese Gorilla OrphanStephen Page holds two AA’s from Palomar College, a BA from Columbia University, and an MFA from Bennington College.  He is the author of The Timbre of Sand and Still Dandelions.  His Book Reviews have appeared regularly in the Buenos Aires Herald, Gently Read Literature, Classic Book Club, and the Fox Chase Review.  He is the recipient of The Jess Cloud Memorial Prize, a Writer-in-Residence with stipend from the Montana Artists Refuge, a Writer Fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center, an Imagination Grant from Cleveland State University, and an Arvon Foundation Ltd. Grant. He lived in the Congo for one year.

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