No Submission Managers Here

james d quinton“With a lot of ezines replies, ironically seeing as they’re a part of a global community, they are becoming a lot more impersonal, especially when using submishsmash or similar. There’s no feedback and no sense of camaraderie; it’s a bit cold” – Poet James Quinton 5-23-12

I have given much thought to the quote above from James Quinton during our interview. We at The Fox Chase Review operate with submissions by invitation and do accept queries. We do not use Submishmash or a submission manager. Some complain of our invite only, but our small staff researches poets and writers who come to their attention and a list is developed for the purpose of invitation. We also always respond to queries from poets and writers.

There are publications who use submishmash or a submission manager who do get back to writers/poets in a timely manner, such as New Purlieu Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, Decomp, Word Riot, among a few others. But then there are the others.  Many times these managers list a submission as “Received” and then suddenly “Declined,” not even as “In Progress.” This is after six months to a year of waiting, it does seem “a bit cold”, as James said. It does appear many publications use submission managers to avoid a back log of emails that are unmanageable and simply click “Declined” when they get around to it.

We at The Fox Chase Review are honest about our policy. We don’t have long waiting periods for acceptance or declination, we just enjoy publishing outstanding poetry and fiction. We also promote those we publish, as best as possible, through readings, interviews, blog posts and our broadside series. A poet once told me he was waiting for a response from a six month wait publication. His point was that this was somehow prestigious. I didn’t agree, I just think it is really screwed up. As James said, “…a lot more impersonal…no sense of camaraderie.”  To those publications who use submission managers and are responsible for timely answers to poets and writers, thank you. To those publications who let poets and writers hang on the noose, well, you know where you can go.

The Winter 2014 edition of The Fox Chase Review will be published within a day or so. We hope you enjoy the publication and realize we strive to publish a quality review of poets and writers we desire to bring to your attention.

g emil reutter–        g emil reutter lives and writes in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadlephia, Pa. (USA)


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