A Visit with Lincoln With Carl Sandburg

Abraham-Lincoln-The-War-Years-and-the-Prairie-Years-by-Carl-Sandburg-6-Volumes We normally concentrate on poetry and fiction here at The Fox Chase Review, but over the last week or so I had a visit with Sandburg’s Lincoln. While Lincoln is the core of this six volume set, Sandburg wraps not only national events but world events and progress around Lincoln. As you read through the volumes, the change in our manner of communication abounds, cruelty of war, intrigue of politics and society, slaves in the south, wage slaves in the north, the ever expanding movement west and the inventive minds at work across the United States. These events and the people involved come to life as the pages of this work unfold. Each volume contains poetry by not only poets of the day but by Lincoln himself, an extra bonus I believe. These volumes reveal a country in transformation socially, economically, and scientifically. Throughout the volumes I was struck by not only the violence of the civil war in the United States but the daily violence of society in general in the developing democracy.  Lincoln by Carl Sandburg is not only worth a visit by people in the United States in order to gain a knowledge of our past but for those in developing nations who strive toward freedom and democracy. There are lessons for all to learn from this masterpiece by Sandburg. For those in the Philadelphia area who desire to read the six volumes of Lincoln by Carl Sandburg, you can find the set at Ryerss Musuem and Library, http://www.ryerssmuseum.org/ , simply fill out a library card and check them out. Others can check local libraries or surf the web for a copy.

g emil reutter

g emil reutter

-g emil reutter lives and writes in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pa. (USA). You can visit him at http://gereutter.wordpress.com/


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