So Jon Stewart…Will You Take the Dare?


As most are aware cable tough guy Jon Stewart of the Comedy Central stable went on a rant about Philadelphia recently. Yes, the New York Mets grand fan went on a tirade about Philly from that bastion of hospitality, New York. In a remarkable historic event, Stewart’s commentary actually caused Philadelphia City Council to unite and take action. In a 16-0 vote, Councilman Jim Kenney’s Stewart resolution calling for Stewart to come to Philly passed.

“Daring Jon Stewart, host of “The Daily Show,” to come to Philadelphia and film a week of shows to prove how wrong he was in his May 20th tirade against Philadelphia, our people, our prized Philadelphia Phillies Manager Ryne Sandberg, our affinity for running up museum stairs and calling it exercise, and our world-class cuisine; his multiple rants against our city have finally gone too far.”

So, Jon Stewart, cable tough guy, you think you’re funny? You think you can make us laugh? Do you think you could run up the art museum steps? If you come we will make sure EMT’s are on hand to revive you. Yeah, take the dare funny man.


Click the link to watch video–the-race-to-continued-incumbency


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