RIP 2014 Phillies

Spending Millions to Finish in Last Place


It is early in the season, a time of hope and claims of destiny in baseball. Here in Philadelphia, the diehard Phillie fans are watching the collapse of what should have been a dynasty. The aging core stands, the hits come at the wrong time and the apple is rotting around them. Our high hopes have dwindled into sub-par performance. As July approaches and the collapse worsens, players should have those bags packed, ready to go. Phillie fans have stood on the highest peak with the team and now stand at its graveside, but we are always here. Someone once said, “You have to know when to go or it is going to get ugly.” This 2014 team is beyond ugly, it is a total embarrassment. It is time to say goodbye to the core who brought us to great heights and now the lowest of lows, it is time for Ruben Amaro, who gave it his best shot to fade into Phillie history. It is a time to rebuild.

Yet in all Phillie fans, there is hope that things could turn around, that is who we are. But, it won’t. Best to root for a team on the rise than the current 2014 Phillies who have climbed into the casket and are pulling the lid down on themselves.




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