The Here & Now Duo – A Profile

the here and now 1The Here and Now are an acoustic duo consisting of Lyndsay Mahalis on vocals and Donald McGettigan on guitar and vocals based out of the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia. They perform covers and original compositions. McGettigan a self-taught guitar player combines with Mahalis whose background in stage/theater give them a unique sound with beautiful harmonies.

the here and now @ eddington house

The duo has played a number of festivals as well as touring the local Philly scene at venues such as Bernie’s Pub, The Broken Goblet, Joe’s Coffee House, Hard Rock Café, Lickety Split, Vice Coffee, and The Grape Room.

the here and now 2Jay Breslin of Rock on Philly described a performance by the duo, “The Here & Now put on a great set filled with originals and covers, including a spot-on rendition of “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men . . . we heard beautiful harmonies that made for a truly heartfelt set.the here and now 8

Lindsay Mahalis said it just seemed natural to form a duo with Don. “We were in a band for awhile together and the more time we spent performing and playing music together, the more we realized we were heading in the same direction. We have nearly the same exact taste in music.  We can usually hear something the other will love.  On top of that, we have a really nice vocal blend.  Our tones are complementary to the other which makes for some really nice harmonies.  The more apparent that became, the more we realized it should be spotlighted.  We soon realized we could make this work and become something people would hopefully want to see”.  Mahalis has a simple desire as the duo moves forward, she says, “We’d love to play as much as possible, hopefully earning enough money along the way to record some of our original songs.”

mmp the here and nowIf you would like to see the duo play over the next 3 months you can find them at a Toys for Tots benefit at Eggs Nest Inn on November 15th, and a likely return to Broken Goblet Brewing Co in Bristol.

The Here & Now on Youtube:

The Here & Now on Facebook

For more information on The Here & Now or to book them,  contact them at



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