Repairs Made at Ryerss- Local Elected Officials Respond

brian-pictureJust before November 30th the main water line to Ryerss Museum and Library broke. We had to cancel our November 30th reading but just as important was the holiday bazaar to be held on December 6th and no repair in site. Over 500 area residents attend this yearly event at Ryerss for crafts, food, entertainment and other holiday festivities. With no running water, portable toilets would be needed and there would be no place for hand washing. The impact on the event would have been major.

dennis o'brien

kevin boyleThere are times when problems like this seem localized in the overall scheme of things. We contacted some elected officials to see if they could help. Councilman Brian O’Neil who represents the area took a personal interest in the problem and actively sought to have the repair made. His efforts were greatly appreciated as well as those of Jeff Dempsey, Assistant Chief of Staff to State Representative Kevin Boyle and Margie Caputo of Councilman-at-Large Dennis O’Brien’s office.

It was hard for me to believe the main would remain shut off when such an important event was scheduled for Ryerss Museum and Library also known as the Jewel of the Northeast. The Park and Recreation Department crew who made the repairs came through for the people of the Northeast in expediting this repair.


I would like to extend my appreciation to the elected officials who stepped in to assist in correcting the main break, especially Councilman O’Neil who took a personal interest in the problem and proved once again that he is a problem solver who represents his district in an outstanding manner. His resolve concerning this matter was impressive and we are fortunate to have him as our representative in city council, as well as State Rep. Boyle in the State House and Councilman O’Brien as our at-large member of city council.

Enjoy the holidays and we will be back in 2015 with a new issue of The Fox Chase Review, an on line  international literary journal, The Fox Chase Reading Series and new updates on The Fox Chase Review and Reading Series Blog.

Come on out Saturday Dec. 6th and enjoy Ryerss: Victorian Christmas Bazaar and Tea – Dec 6th @ Ryerss

May 2015 bring you and yours a peaceful and successful New Year!


g-emil-reutter-g emil reutter lives and writes in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pa. and can be found at


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