Radical Islamic Terrorism – Time For Muslim Leaders Worldwide to Cut the Cancer Within

Before anyone starts with political correctness gibberish, this post is not designed to paint all members of the Muslim religion with a broad stroke. It is meant to target two groups of people, the terrorists and the wealthy leaders in nations of the Muslim world who do nothing to stop them.

ISIL just didn’t pop up. They were well funded and when Syria fell apart they took the oil wells. Who is buying the oil from them? Who were the initial funders of ISIL? The buyers and supporters are funding a bigoted violent group who have no respect for other human beings or for freedom. If the nations of the Middle East want to stop ISIL they can. Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia can launch a three pronged military operation and defeat ISIL. Yet, they stand by lending just enough air support or aid to refugees, but no military action. Al Qaeda is also funded by wealthy benefactors and continues to terrorize people in the Middle East, Africa and worldwide.  It is their time to step up and to stop relying on the west to babysit their problems. The funders of terrorism must be held accountable and jailed, states and companies purchasing oil from ISIL must be held accountable. Thousands are being killed while the line their pockets with ill-gotten gains.

We ask the religious leaders of the Muslim world to stand united against radical Islamic terrorism. The mutated version of Islam these terrorists follow must be exposed and the legitimate leaders of the Muslim world must speak up loudly for all the world to hear. This evil, this cancer of radical Islamic belief needs to be called out and condemned for if they do not aggressively preach against it, this cancer will rapidly eat away at Islam. Expose them for what they are, disrespectful to the Prophet, casting an evil shadow stained with the blood of innocents, engaged in the crudest blasphemy.

We hold our rights to freedom of speech, freedom of the press to be sacred. Under no condition, under no threat will we give up this God given right so many have sacrificed for to make a reality. It is also the responsibility of the Muslim world to stomp out the heretic’s who live within their midst.

Our hearts go out to the people of France who have suffered such an egregious attack and loss of life. and pray that this cancer, Radical Islamist Terrorism will be cut from the fabric of humanity.

-g emil reutter





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    Well written and a timely approach!

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