Laura Eppinger -Eye on New Jersey

Rust by Laura Eppinger

Rust by Laura Eppinger

The Camel Saloon has just posted a new photograph exhibit, – Laura Eppinger -Eye on New Jersey

From Russell Streur of The Camel Saloon:

New Jersey is a contradiction.  Known as the Garden State, it is the only state in the country where every county is classified as a metropolitan area.  It ranks first in population density even though nearly a quarter of its area is preserved as open space.   The state ranks high in both chemical manufacture and blueberry production.   Trenton’s claim as the car theft capital of the country is false; the state’s claim to most diners is easier to swallow.  Outside of the colleges and the boardwalks, it can be a gritty place.

The Saloon’s friend Laura Eppinger lives and writes in New Jersey, and she takes a hard look at the place.  She has generously shared her views with the tavern, and I am delighted to invite all the patrons to see her work here:



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