National Adjunct Walk out Day in the U.S.

Dean Wormer in Animal House

Today is National Adjunct Walk out Day. The irony is that it is in our higher education system that the value of a degree and life experience is diminished through the Adjunct system. A system that takes advantage of those who achieve higher education with the belief that teaching others is a higher calling. There are some who spend an entire career as Adjuncts while the administration of colleges and universities bloat out over their belts with administrators eating the pork from the massive student loans and other government money they inhale. The administrators take advantage of the Adjunct System to line their own pockets with more money.

The university system today reflects a corporate mindset in America, top heavy with overpaid management while paying low wages to those who do the job every day. They have even formed their own accreditation groups to justify the number of administrators overseeing the educational institutions.

Pictured above is the fictional Dean of Faber College in the wonderful movie Animal House. In today’s world he would have at least two administrative assistants, ten deans of various schools at Faber College and would have never dealt with the demons of Animal House. He would probably never encounter a student.

The Adjuncts work every day with the hope they will one day get decent wages and health benefits. They are treated like indentured servants always striving for stability yet it is always held just out of their reach.

On this National Adjunct Walk out Day we do hope they stick together and send a message that enough is enough and if they stick with it they just may spark a movement that will force a change in the corporate mind set of  universities and colleges across America.

g emil reutter 2– g emil reutter lives and writes in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pa.


One response to “National Adjunct Walk out Day in the U.S.

  1. George, I was an adjunct at my university for 25 years—you are so right.

    I did need reduced hours due to my family obligations, however, my advanced degree and (sterling J) service should have warranted a much higher pay increase. Thanks for your thoughts. maria keane

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