Congratulations to Frank Wilson and Books, Inq.

From Jesse Freedman


Today, Books, Inq., Frank Wilson’s digital exploration of the arts, literature, and culture celebrated a significant milestone:

The blog has now passed 2,000,000 page views.

That’s a tremendous accomplishment, one that wouldn’t have been possible without Frank’s vision, generosity, commitment, and enthusiasm.

I’ve known Frank since 2008, and it’s been my great privilege to call him a friend. But Frank is more than that: he’s an mentor, an editor, a confidant, and a go-to for coffee dates around Rittenhouse Square.

So much about how I approach literature and writing has been informed by Frank, his blog, his stories, and his wisdom.

Let me take this opportunity to thank Frank for welcoming me – and our partners, Julie, Vikram, and Dave – as part of the blogging team, and as part, more importantly, of his life.

Here’s to the next two million!

Visit the blog :

One response to “Congratulations to Frank Wilson and Books, Inq.

  1. A scholar, friend, gentleman, poet…Congratulations Mr. Frank Wilson.
    His poem “Alborada” can be read here:

    Diane Sahms-Guarnieri

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