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This is the fourth in a series of looking back at poets and writers published in past editions of The Fox Chase Review.

From the Autumn/Winter 2009 Edition:

Mike Cohen: The Holders-On; Inside the Horizon; Urban Frost

Louis McKee: Thinking of Issa on Lake Norris; November’s Moon; Sin; Useless; Versions

J.C. Todd: Rx for Illusion; Four Seasons and a Concession

Mel Brake: Mary’s Eyes; Spare Rods

Katie M. Reutter: Reverie

Gil Fagiani: Willie and the White Girl; Muzzled; The Interview;
Why I Became an Athiest
; Bad Boy Pete

James D. Quinton: she called and whilst she spoke, I drew, pencil on
paper, a picture of her face from memory
;state of Grace; it will be morning; bite