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Poetry from and about the Civil Rights Movement

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Remember and share …

… Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement — Poetry from and about the Civil Rights Movement. (Hat tip, Rus Bowden.)

BBM Blog Poetic Profiles


Maleka at Big Blue Marble Bookstore is presenting poetic profiles on the BBM blog. You can read them at this link: http://bigbluemarblebooks.blogspot.com/search/label/Poetic%20Profiles

Thanks to Books Inq.  for the link.

Reviews at Books Inq. + When Falls the Coliseum

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Today’s Inquirer reviews

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The 15 Most Overated Contemporary American Writers

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Hmm …


On W.S. Merwin – Poet Laureate

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W. S. Merwin to Be Named Poet Laureate.

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News from the Library of Congress


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A Conversation with Natalie Merchant

More from The West Chester Poetry Conference compliments of The Books Inq. Blog. 

A Conversation with Natalie Merchant

More From The West Chester Poetry Conference

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From the Books Inq. Blog

John Timpane on The West Chester Poetry Conference

In beautiful downtown West Chester ….


Today’s Inquirer reviews …

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