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Primary Election Results in Pennsylvania

It’s Corbett vs. Wolf  in November

tom corbetttomwolf-election-night.

Pennsylvania Governor (Democratic)

Tom Wolf – 457,278

Allyson Y. Schwartz – 138,035

Robert M. McCord – 132,497

Katie McGinty – 59,897

Allyson Y. Schwartz – 138,035

It’s Boyle vs. Adcock in November

U.S Congress – 13th District (Democratic)

212 out of 212 districts

Brendan F. Boyle – 24,476

Marjorie Margolies – 16,506

Daylin Leach – 10,111

Val Arkoosh – 9,299

U.S. Congress – 13th District (Republican)

212 out of 212 districts

Carson Dee Adcock – 10,027

Bev Plosa-Bowser – 5,248


*Source Philly Burbs

13th (PA) Congressional District Election- Make an Informed Choice

The May 20th primary for the 13th Congressional District offers the voters of the district a wide array of candidates in both the Democrat and Republican primaries. We have chosen to highlight two of those candidates. Democrat Brendan Boyle and Republican Beverly Plosa-Bower. Boyle has served as a representative in the state house representing Northeast Philadelphia. Plosa-Bower has served the nation for over 30 years in the United States Air Force. We have also included websites for Democrats Marjorie Margolis, Val Akroosh, Daylin Leach and Republican Dee Adcock. We urge you to investigate the candidates, make an informed choice and above all vote on May 20th when your vote will count. 



Brendan Boyle: http://voteboyle.com/ 

On the Issues


Excerpt: “As the first person in my family to attend college, I understand the value of higher education. If not for scholarships and student loans, I would not have been able to attend college.”

Health Care

Excerpt: “In Congress I will join the push to create a “Public Option” for health care. I believe it builds on the health care reform legislation by creating more competition, lowering costs and it provides a great way to bring down the deficit.”


Excerpt: “I believe Medicare should be allowed to negotiate for cheaper drug prices. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is able to negotiate for cheaper drug prices and the cost savings are significant. It is illogical that a consumer can buy medicines over the counter more cheaply than Medicare, despite its bulk purchasing power.”


Excerpt: “It is essential that our neighborhoods and our communities remain strong and stable. I am proud to be endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police because of my legislative record in fighting for laws that protect our public and keep our neighborhoods safe.”


Excerpt: “I have always fought for workers. I am proud that over 95% of labor organizations have endorsed my congressional campaign because of my record fighting for working families. We need people in Congress who will stand up for workers.”



Beverly Plosa-Bowserhttp://plosabowser.com/meet-bev/

On the Issues


Excerpt: “America was once the best place on earth to start or expand a small business and it can be again. Free enterprise, business, industry and entrepreneurs create jobs. Small business is the backbone of our economy. I will work to reduce taxes on small business and free them from unnecessary, unwieldy government regulation to invest, grow and create family-sustaining jobs.”


Excerpt: “Because I want to protect the quality of care we have in our country, I support a health care system that keeps you in charge of decisions about your family’s care and minimizes the government role between patients and their doctors. No government policy or office should dictate how patients receive health care.”

National Security

Excerpt: “I believe that a strong America remains the guiding light that shines for freedom across the world. Working closely with our international allies and friends, we must succeed in Afghanistan and keep weapons out of the hands of terrorists and state sponsors of terrorism. I fully support our military forces as they protect our National interests as well as efforts in Congress to develop new technologies and training programs for our first responders to counter new and dangerous threats.”

Social Security

Excerpt: “Social Security is a promise made to those who have paid in to the system. We as a nation must keep our promise. With our economy back on track we can begin to look for meaningful reforms to Social Security that protect the promises we have already made.”


Excerpt: “The basic building block of our nation is the family and as a working mother, I will support and protect families so parents can maintain their parental rights, have the freedom to provide for their needs, bear no more than a reasonable tax burden and support a culture of life.”


The Other Candidates



 Marjorie Margolies: https://www.marjorie2014.com/


Daylin Leach: http://votedaylin.com/


     Val Arkoosh:  http://www.valarkoosh.com/



Carson Dee Adcock : http://www.adcockforcongress.com/