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Coming this July- The 21st Edition of The Fox Chase Review

Trail at Pennypack Nature Sanctuary

Trail at Pennypack Nature Sanctuary

The Summer 2015 Edition of The Fox Chase Review our 21st, is in production and will appear on line this July.

Poetry by: Simon Anton Diego Baena, Kevin Brophy, Michael DeMarco, Gil Fagianella, Ananya S Guha, Michelle Grottola, Maria Keane, Adrian Manning, David P. Miller, Michelle Myers, Carlos Reyes and Laura Madeline Wiseman.

Fiction by: Sterling Brown, Joseph Crossen, Jean Davis, and Nancy Sherman.


The Fox Chase Review


For current and past issues of The Fox Chase Review please visit http://www.thefoxchasereview.org/

Coming this Summer…

Pennypack Creek between Veree Road and Pine Road- Philadlephia, Pa

The Summer 2014 Edition of The Fox Chase Review is in production and will be released on line June/July 2014.

Poetry by: Vinita Agrawal, Andrea Applebee, Jose Angel Araguz, Peter Baroth, Mike Cohen, Erin Dorney, Zach Fishel, Kristina Moriconi, Ariana Nadia Nash, Salvwi Prasad, Zvi A. Sesling, Kimmika Williams Witherspoon

Fiction by: Katie Cortese, Beverly Romain and J. Erin Sweeney

Until then visit our Winter 2014 Edition at: 


Enjoy the Latest Ficiton in the Fox Chase Review

fox chase reviewEnjoy the latest fiction in The Fox Chase Review by Natalia Cherjovsky, Louise Halvadsson, Jen Michalski, Lester Mobley, Dawn Sperber, Chad Willenborg, and George Wyelsol. Click this link to follow the stories: http://www.thefoxchasereview.org/fiction.html

5 poems by Nathalie Anderson in FCR

naNathalie Anderson in the Winter 2014 Edition of The Fox Chase Review


2 poems by Abellanosa in FCR


Jonel Abellanosa in the Winter 2014 Edition of The Fox Chase Review


Winter 2014 edition of The Fox Chase Review now on line


The Winter 2014 edition of The Fox Chase Review is now available for you reading pleasure. Please note our new web home address: www.thefoxchasereview.org . This edition features:

Poetry by: Jonal Abellanosa, Nathalie Anderson, Ashley Elizabeth-Best, Lauren Camp, Phillip Dacey, Dennis Daly, Joshua Gray, Lisa Lewis, Rodger Lowenthal, Tom Mallouck, Ellen Peckham, Russell Reece, Rebecca Schumedja, John Timpane and Frank Wilson.

Fiction by:  Natalia Cherjovsky, Louise Halvardsson,Jen Michalski, Lester Mobley, Dawn Sperber, George Wyelsol and Chad Willenborg

The Editors


Davis and Reece Sign on as Fiction Editors

The Fox Chase Review is pleased to announce Robert Hambling Davis and Russell Reece have accepted  appointment as Fiction Editors for the review. They will succeed interim editor g emil reutter and will commence their editorship on the Summerr 2014 edition of the review beginning in February.

BobCamping Robert Hambling Davis has published in The Fox Chase Review, The Sun, Antietam Review, Memoir (and), Philadelphia Stories, Santa Monica Review, and elsewhere. He’s been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes, and received three Delaware Division of the Arts grants, two for fiction and one for creative nonfiction. He was a fiction semifinalist in the William Faulkner Creative Writing Contest in 2002 and 2012, and a creative nonfiction winner in 2013. Robert helps direct the Delaware Literary Connection, a nonprofit serving writers in Delaware and surrounding areas. He is a member of the Delaware Artist Roster, and has given writing workshops and readings in the Mid-Atlantic.


Russell Reece has had stories and essays published in Memoir(and), Crimespree Magazine, The Fox Chase Review and many other print and on-line journals. His work has appeared several anthologies most recently Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, released in 2012. All That Glitters, released in 2013 and Someone Wicked released in 2013. He has received two Best of the Net nominations and was a finalist in the 2012 William Faulkner/ William Wisdom Creative Writing Contest. Russ is a University of Delaware alumnus and a co-host of 2nd Saturday Poets in Wilmington, Delaware. He lives in Bethel, Delaware in rural Sussex County along the beautiful Broad Creek. You can learn more about Russ by visiting his website at  www.russellreece.com


We Will No Longer Nominate to The Pushcart Prize

“I have long railed against the e-book and instant Internet publication as damaging to writers. Instant anything is dangerous—great writing takes time. You should long to be as good as John Milton and Reynolds Price, not just barf into the electronic void.”

-Bill Henderson – The Pushcart Prize 2012 Introduction..

Since the inception of The Fox Chase Review we have attempted to nominate poets and writers for the annual Pushcart Prize. The Pushcart honored those published in the small press and we are a small press magazine on the net. It seemed to make sense; so after the editors chose some nominees we mailed in our nominations.  It appears according to Mr. Henderson we have been barfing in the void.  We have been honored to publish the work of many fine writers and poets who work hard on crafting their art. Quite frankly we also believe in giving folks a shot at getting published and attempt to include new poets/writers in each edition. Our review is a little different in that we search out writers and poets whose work we enjoy and accept submissions through an invitation process as opposed to open submissions.  The reason is simply our staff is very small and this process works for us and those we publish. Additionally our rejection rate is very high.

Our decision to publish electronically as opposed to print is grounded in the belief that those we publish will benefit from greater readership on the net as opposed to a small print review that would be hindered by associated costs and distribution issues. It would be a crime to have boxes of print magazines sitting in the basement without hope for distribution with the exception of course those who would order a few copies over the net.

The internet has opened a door to poets/writers in this new time. There are many fine publications who publish only on the net and are not easily entered. Rejection rates far outnumber acceptance rates.  Henderson’s void is an opportunity for various styles of writing to emerge that may not have found a home in more elitist presses which I am sorry to say The Pushcart has now become through the voice of Bill Henderson.  The Fox Chase Review will no longer submit entries to The Pushcart Prize and we hope Henderson doesn’t continue to barf on his computer.

We will continue to publish The Fox Chase Review and offer our readers an eclectic group of writers and poets who work hard at their craft with the hope that these artists benefit from exposure in the review.

g emil reutter

g emil reutter founded The Fox Chase Review and The Fox Chase Reading Series in 2007.

The Winter/Spring 2012 Edition of The Fox Chase Review is now on line.

The Winter/Spring 2012 Edition of The Fox Chase Review is now on line.

Poetry by Jenny Billings Beaver, Jane Chakravarthy, William Cordeiro, D.B. Cox, Rudy Garcia, Laura Kiesel, David Kozinski, Leslie Anne Mcilroy, Richard Okewole, Hayden Saunier

Fiction By Alexandra Isacson, Maria Takolander,   Natalia Cherjovsky

The Editors