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Poetry Ink 2014 – 100 Poets Reading in Philly April 6


18th Annual Poetry Ink Schedule of Readers

12:00:  Lisa Pokalsky, Adriann “The Pen” Bautista, Alina Macneal, Alison Hicks, Allison Whittenberg, Amy Shay, Amy Small-McKinney, Angel L. Martinez

12:30: Arren Perry ,B. E. Kahn, Barbara Horne ,Barbara Torode, Bernadette McBride, Bill Bridge, Carlos Raul Dufflar, Charles S. Carr

1:00: Chloe Alice, Margot Beltran, Christine McKee, Christopher S. Sohnly, Cierra Farquharson, Cole Eubanks, Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore, Daniel T. O’Hara, Dave Steel

1:30:  Dave Worrell, David Gordon, Deb Fox ,Deborah Stone-Salvatore, Deidra Greenleaf, Allan Devin,Cohen ,Ditta Baron Hoeber ,Donald Riggs, Dorothy Sims

2:00: Earl H. Gabriel, III Edi Montijo Chapman, Eleanor Wilner, Elijah Pringle ,Elizabeth Bodien ,Elliot Levin, Eugene   Brown,

2:30: Ewuare Osayande, Frank “Chui” Fitzgerald, Gabre Medhin, Hanoch Guy ,Herman Beavers, J. Johnathan Pringle, Jacob Winterstein ,James Freeman

3:00 Jeanne   Sutton ,Jennifer Stanton ,Jim Mueller, Jim Trainer, Jody Kolodzey ,Joe McCullough ,John Oliver Mason, John Timpane

3:30: Kasia Newcomer ,Kathy Barham, Kimmika Williams-Weatherspoon ,KIRAAT, Lamont Steptoe, Lauren Grossman, Leah Jackson, Lili Bita

4:00: Lisa Grunberger, Lynn Blue ,Lynn Levin ,M. Nzadi Keita, Marion Cohen, Martin Woodside, Merilyn Jackson

4:30: Michele A. Belluomini, Michelle Caporale, Mihir K. Patel, Naila Schulte Nicholas, Cherry Nikki Bailey, Octavia McBride-Ahebee ,Peter Baroth

5:00: Pheralyn Dove, Prabha Nayak Prabhu, R.G. Evans ,Raina Leon, Ray Garmon ,Richard Bank, Robert Zaller

5:30: Rocky Wilson, Rosemary Capello ,Samantha Rushford ,Sandra Turner-Barnes, Scott Norman Rosenthal, Sean Hanrahan ,Sean Lynch, Sekai’afua Zankel, Shulamith Caine

6:00: Siblean Forrester, Sonia Sanchez, Steve Burke, Stuart Roberts, Thalia Fox ,Thom Nickels, Thomas Jay Rush, Tiffany  Cooper

6:30:  Tom Blat, Tonya Ryva, Trapeta B. Mayson ,Veronica Bowlan, W.D. Ehrhart, Warren Longmire ,Xuechen Zhang, Yolanda Wisher

Guy and Cohen Fall into Fox Chase

Hanoch Guy and Mike Cohen fell into Fox Chase this afternoon showering the coffee shop with words as leaves of green, gold and red floated through the air. Cohen and Guy were joined in the open by Barbara Terode, Rodger Lowenthal, Bernedette McBride, B.E. Kahn and Bill Conrad.

Diane Sahms Guarnieri and g emil reutter read two poems by Jack Powers published in The Fox Chase Review as a tribute to Jack. The open ended with Bluesman Saul Broudy.

A great time was had by all. Next up McKee and Lee in Fox Chase. View more photographs at our flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12065560@N04/sets/72157614581079088/


See you on the 23rd

Join us for the featured poets reading on October 23rd followed by an open mic

Cohen and Guy in Fox Chase October 23rd

Cohen and Guy in Fox Chase October 23rd

October 23rd – 2pm  The Fox Chase Reading Series presents poets Hanoch Guy and Mike Cohen at 3 Sisters Corner Café, 7950 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19111. Come and join us for a wonderful afternoon of featured poetry followed by an open mic.

Mike Cohen of Mount Airy is reflective, philosophical, and humorous. His  writing is an ongoing attempt to make sense of this life and this universe It addresses the Big Bang and the little bumps as well. There is no topic too meaningful or too nonsensical.
       Mike’s poetry has appeared in the Mad Poets Review, Poetry Forum Anthology, Fox Chase Review, Schuylkill Valley Journal, the Mt. Airy Times Express, and the Philadelphia Daily News. His poetic presentations have been featured in programs at various schools, bookstores, coffee shops, and libraries. His poems have been aired on SKIN radio. Mike has served as a judge in the Montgomery County Poet Laureate competition.
       Mike’s poetic philosophy is: “Poetry doesn’t have the answers,  it’s just a beautiful way of putting the questions.”
     Currently, Mike hosts Poetry Aloud and Alive, a popular monthly poetry program in its fifth year at Mt. Airy’s Big Blue Marble Book Store. His articles on Philadelphia sculpture appear in the Schuylkill Valley Journal in which he is a contributing editor.  He is a docent at Chestnut Hill’s Woodmere Art Museum.

 You can read the poetry of Mike Cohen in The Fox Chase Review at these links: 2008 AW; 2009 AW 

Hanoch Guy is a bilingual poet in Hebrew and English, and an Emeritus professor at Temple University. Hanoch’s English poetry has been published in Genre, Poetry Newsletter, Tracks, The International Journal of Genocide Studies, and several times in Poetica, where he won an award. His poems have also been published in Poetry Motel, Visions International, and other magazines. You can read the poetry of Hanoch Guy in The Fox Chase Review at this link: 2009 AW

FCRS Fall Season

The Fox Chase Reading Series resumes at 3 Sisters Corner Cafe in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia. Please join us for these fine poets and an outstanding open mic. The schedule can be viewed here:


We look forward to seeing you!

Featured Poets Series on hiatus until September

The Fox Chase Reading Series @ 3 Sisters Corner Cafe will be on summer hiatus until September when Michelle Belloumini and Thomas Devaney read at 3 Sisters Corner Café, 7950 Oxford Ave., Philadlelphia, Pa. 19111.

Please visit us at www.foxchasereview.org and read the June edition of The Fox Chase Review and please visit us at our two special outdoor poetry events in Fox Chase this summer. The autumn issue will be released in September. Have a great summer!


September 25th – 2pm– Michelle Belloumini and Thomas Devaney

October 23rd- 2pm– Mike Cohen and Hanoch Guy

November 27th 2pm- Louis McKee and Jeffrey Ethan Lee

December 18th 2pm– Ish Klien and Dave Worrell

Rutkowski and Quatroche pack the house

We had a packed house at 3 Sisters Corner Café for The Fox Chase Reading Series Featured Poets Reading with Thaddeus Rutkowski and Vincent Quatroche.  Open mic readers included Joe Roarty, Hanoch Guy, Rodger Lowenthal, Jacob Russell, Noah Cutler, Mike Cohen, David Matthew, Krystle Griffin and Michael Pollock. For photographs of the reading please visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12065560@N04/sets/72157614581079088/

Enjoy the summer!