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Poetry in the News







Poetry Southern Style


Sunken Garden Poetry Festival


Timpane on West Chester Poetry Conference


Listen! It’s the resurrected poets society: From Betjeman to Larkin, the poets we love to hear read aloud

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/event/article-2636329/Poetry-Betjeman-Larkin-poets-love-hear-read-aloud.html#ixzz33frNyQln

 Rodger Lowenthal’s Under the Stars to Benefit Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program


Guerrero’s poetry starts in ‘the gut’


Bright Travellers review – Fiona Benson’s first collection of poetry


American Life in Poetry


Stanford scholars view Iberia’s multicultural history through poetry


Check Out These Fantastic Examples of Sign Language Poetry


Exemplifying poetry in motion, ‘Scent of Ink’ explores harmony, heritage


Poetry Ink 2014 – 100 Poets Reading in Philly April 6


18th Annual Poetry Ink Schedule of Readers

12:00:  Lisa Pokalsky, Adriann “The Pen” Bautista, Alina Macneal, Alison Hicks, Allison Whittenberg, Amy Shay, Amy Small-McKinney, Angel L. Martinez

12:30: Arren Perry ,B. E. Kahn, Barbara Horne ,Barbara Torode, Bernadette McBride, Bill Bridge, Carlos Raul Dufflar, Charles S. Carr

1:00: Chloe Alice, Margot Beltran, Christine McKee, Christopher S. Sohnly, Cierra Farquharson, Cole Eubanks, Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore, Daniel T. O’Hara, Dave Steel

1:30:  Dave Worrell, David Gordon, Deb Fox ,Deborah Stone-Salvatore, Deidra Greenleaf, Allan Devin,Cohen ,Ditta Baron Hoeber ,Donald Riggs, Dorothy Sims

2:00: Earl H. Gabriel, III Edi Montijo Chapman, Eleanor Wilner, Elijah Pringle ,Elizabeth Bodien ,Elliot Levin, Eugene   Brown,

2:30: Ewuare Osayande, Frank “Chui” Fitzgerald, Gabre Medhin, Hanoch Guy ,Herman Beavers, J. Johnathan Pringle, Jacob Winterstein ,James Freeman

3:00 Jeanne   Sutton ,Jennifer Stanton ,Jim Mueller, Jim Trainer, Jody Kolodzey ,Joe McCullough ,John Oliver Mason, John Timpane

3:30: Kasia Newcomer ,Kathy Barham, Kimmika Williams-Weatherspoon ,KIRAAT, Lamont Steptoe, Lauren Grossman, Leah Jackson, Lili Bita

4:00: Lisa Grunberger, Lynn Blue ,Lynn Levin ,M. Nzadi Keita, Marion Cohen, Martin Woodside, Merilyn Jackson

4:30: Michele A. Belluomini, Michelle Caporale, Mihir K. Patel, Naila Schulte Nicholas, Cherry Nikki Bailey, Octavia McBride-Ahebee ,Peter Baroth

5:00: Pheralyn Dove, Prabha Nayak Prabhu, R.G. Evans ,Raina Leon, Ray Garmon ,Richard Bank, Robert Zaller

5:30: Rocky Wilson, Rosemary Capello ,Samantha Rushford ,Sandra Turner-Barnes, Scott Norman Rosenthal, Sean Hanrahan ,Sean Lynch, Sekai’afua Zankel, Shulamith Caine

6:00: Siblean Forrester, Sonia Sanchez, Steve Burke, Stuart Roberts, Thalia Fox ,Thom Nickels, Thomas Jay Rush, Tiffany  Cooper

6:30:  Tom Blat, Tonya Ryva, Trapeta B. Mayson ,Veronica Bowlan, W.D. Ehrhart, Warren Longmire ,Xuechen Zhang, Yolanda Wisher

Enjoy the Latest Poetry in the Fox Chase Review

fox chase reviewEnjoy the latest poetry in The Fox Chase Review by Jonel Abellanosa, Nathalie Anderson, Ashley Elizabeth Best, Lauren Camp, Philip Dacey, Dennis Daly, Joshua Gray, Lisa Lewis, Rodger Lowenthal, Tom Mallouk, Ellen Peckham, Russell Reece, Rebecca Schumejda, John Timpane and Frank Wilson. Follow the poets at this link: http://www.thefoxchasereview.org/poetry.html

Philly Poetry Day – April 12th

philly poetry day

A day of celebrating poetry for National Poetry Month across the City of Philadelphia. The events are beginning to build so have a look or create one of your own. It all starts here:


John Timpane in the Winter 2014 Edition of The Fox Chase Review

jtHum by John Timpane http://www.thefoxchasereview.org/w14timpane.html

Sherlock named 2nd Laureate of The City of Philadelphia

sherlockPoet Frank Sherlock, a native of Philadelphia and long time resident, has been named Poet Laureate of Philadelphia by Mayor Michael Nutter.

John Timpane broke the story in today’s Inquirer.


Announcement on Youtube:


Sherlock in The Fox Chase Review:


Winter 2014 edition of The Fox Chase Review now on line


The Winter 2014 edition of The Fox Chase Review is now available for you reading pleasure. Please note our new web home address: www.thefoxchasereview.org . This edition features:

Poetry by: Jonal Abellanosa, Nathalie Anderson, Ashley Elizabeth-Best, Lauren Camp, Phillip Dacey, Dennis Daly, Joshua Gray, Lisa Lewis, Rodger Lowenthal, Tom Mallouck, Ellen Peckham, Russell Reece, Rebecca Schumedja, John Timpane and Frank Wilson.

Fiction by:  Natalia Cherjovsky, Louise Halvardsson,Jen Michalski, Lester Mobley, Dawn Sperber, George Wyelsol and Chad Willenborg

The Editors


The Winter/Spring 2014 edition of The Fox Chase Review


The Winter/Spring 2014 edition of The Fox Chase Review is currently in production as we are changing our web home. Previous editions of the review will be archived for five years at the old address.

The W/S 2014 edition of The Fox Chase Review will feature poetry by:

Jonal Abellanosa, Nathalie Anderson, Ashley Elizabeth-Best, Lauren Camp, Phillip Dacey, Dennis Daly, Joshua Gray, Lisa Lewis, Rodger Lowenthal, Tom Mallouck, Ellen Peckham, Russell Reece, Rebecca Schumedja, John Timpane and Frank Wilson.

Fiction by:

Natalia Cherjovsky, Louise Halvardsson,Jen Michalski, Lester Mobley, Dawn Sperber, George Wyelsol and Chad Willenborg

….. We’ll Be Back in January

FCRMasthead2011-RGB-for PRINT docs

We are looking forward to a great 2014 here in Fox Chase.

The Winter/Spring 2014 Edition of The Fox Chase Review is slated for release in January. Until then you can enjoy the review at www.foxchasereview.org

We will resume blogging in January 2014.


Our Featured Poet/Writer Series at Ryerss Museum and Library kicks off on January 26th with Maryann L. Miller and J. Erin Sweeney. Our full lineup for 2014 can be viewed here: http://www.foxchasereview.org/13AW/docs/FCR2014ReadingSchedule.pdf

Amp at Pennypack Environmental Center

Our new outdoor poetry series, Poets @ Pennypack will be held on April 12th and May 10th. Our lineup can be viewed at these links:

April 12th: http://www.foxchasereview.org/13AW/docs/FoxChaseReadingSeries-414.pdf

May 10th: http://www.foxchasereview.org/13AW/docs/FoxChaseReadingSeries514.pdf

Scenes from Poets on the Porch 2013 045

Poets on the Porch at Ryerss Museum and Library will be held on July 13th. Our lineup can be viewed at this link: http://www.foxchasereview.org/13AW/docs/PoetsonthePorch_2014.pdf

Under the Stars with Rodger Lowenthal

Rodger Lowenthal 4

 Rodger Lowenthal 

g emil reutter






g emil reutter     Bill Wunder          John Timpane

Plus Musical Guests

Lee and Jade- Ellen Tepper-Jim Dragoni 

September 21st @ 7pm –  Under The Stars with Rodger Lowenthal 

213 Maple Ave, Wyncote PA 19095

$15.00 Admission


email: rodlow31@yahoo.com or call 267-625-6288