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Manayunk Arts Center Presents Quatroche and Reutter- Sept 20th



            Manayunk Art Center located at 419 Green Lane (rear) presents “A Bukowski-Connected Afternoon: Vincent Quatroche and G. Emil Reutter Read Their Own Poems & Comment on the Writings & Influence of Charles Bukowski ” on Sunday, September 20 from 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM.  Attendees also invited to read Bukowski material in an Open Reading. $4 Donation requested. Refreshments available.  Phone: 215-482-3363.


The Bukowski-Connected Program will include a talk titled “Don’t Try” by Quatroche. “Don’t Try” are the words engraved on Bukowski’s tombstone (he died in 1994).  The meaning of “Don’t Try” is interpreted as don’t try to be like anybody else. Bukowski has become an emblematic figure for the modern outsider and depraved individualist.  Time magazine called Bukowski the “laureate of American lowlife.”  A well-known Bukowski quote is “These words I write keep me from total Madness.” The misfit Bukowski is like no one else in American literature. Some compare Bukowski to Jack Kerouac, the iconic figure of the “Beats.”


G Emil Reutter, who resides in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia, knocked around as a Tea Blender, Steel Worker, Warehouse worker, Car wash guy, Busboy, Short order cook and Gas pump jockey. Finally he settled down for 25 years as a railroad cop, raised a family, and recently retired from the railroad job. His most recent collection of selected poems titled Blue Collar Poet was released in February of this year. Seven collections of his poetry and short fiction have been published


Vincent Quatroche is a frequent presence on the New York City spoken word poetry scene.  A profile of his work appeared on PBS in 1998. He is a much-published and traveled author who has generated numerous creative projects, including several books and audio/video interpretations of his work. He has been a member of the Communication and English Department at Jamestown Community College since 1997 and has been on the faculty in the Communication Department at Fredonia State College since the late 80s. He has also served as an Instructor in Adult Education for the Chautauqua County Jail in Mayville NY since 1996.   


            Peter Krok, the Humanities Director of the MAC, hosts and coordinates the Sunday series, which is now in its twentieth year.  Attendees are invited to share Bukowski work or their own comments on Bukowski.. Light refreshments will be served. For information about literary programs contact the MAC at 215-482-3363.