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Poetry Manifesto (New & Selected Poems by Vihang A. Naik

Publisher: Indialog Publications

ISBN 81-8443-033-7

119 Pages

Review by: g emil reutter

New & Selected Poems by Vihang Naik covers 1993-2009 offered in this collection in three sets. The sections are divided into Poems, From Making A Poem (2004) and concludes with City Times & Other Poems (1993). Naik has established himself as an imagist while maintaining knowledge grounded in realism and emotional intensity. For example from the first section:

Indian Summer

… where the smell lingers of flesh and blood burning alive. Buffaloes rest on muddy waters, and stray dogs on leakage from gutters.

And from Banyan City

The roots won’t die. You witness rebirth, in the mould of stone a sculpted ghost.


The wind carries the seed and drops at infertile land…The barren woman screams; her pain against the wall…There is a beast within everyman.  Know thyself.


The passion of Naik is strongest in City Times & Other Poems.  This section begins with five poems constructed in tight couplets then to poems such as:


Mirrored Men poem V

…His language curves like dark night of desire, takes turns with ambiguous intent. The diabolic tongue holds fate, as it were, on the tip of its tail.

on visiting grandfather’s house

i think of India/she is stuffed with wisdom/I’ve seen an iron/ flower grow/and

the bird of gold/ I make my way/ through corridors/and pass-ages

to a frozen room/grandfather’s father/was a saint/now/ a photograph


midnight city

in a moon bleached city/at the midnight hour/a stranger/awoke/from a dream

questioning the real/and the unreal. the night helps/none/search

the key lost/the grills and the lock/only the window/and/the cry

of stones and streets/the dry skelton/of a city/in/the grave/of slumber


Vihang Naik is a man who loves his nation and brings the reader on a journey into India and the passion that is India. Vihang Naik in The Fox Chase Review: http://www.foxchasereview.org/10SU/VihangANaik.htm

    g emil reutter is a Philadelphia Poet