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Celebrate National Short Story Month with The Fox Chase Review

May is National Short Story Month. The Fox Chase Review added prose to our publication in January 2010 and we have listed them right here for you to have a look back. Celebrate National Short Story Month by reading the writers published in The Fox Chase Review.

Short Stories in The Fox Chase Review January 2010 to January 2012

End of the Season  and Just a Job by Alice Wootson http://www.foxchasereview.org/10WS/WootsonA.html#1 

Breakfast at Sal’s by Noah Cutler http://www.foxchasereview.org/10SU/NoahDCutler.html 

I am Joy by A. Ignoni Barrett http://www.foxchasereview.org/10AW/AIBarrett.html

Trapped by Michelle Reale http://www.foxchasereview.org/10AW/MReale.html 

True Flies by Amy Burns http://www.foxchasereview.org/11WS/AmyBurns.html 

Monkey Mountain by Jen Michalski http://www.foxchasereview.org/11WS/JenMichalski.html

Elizabeth on a Good Day by Susan Gibb http://www.foxchasereview.org/11WS/SusanGibb.html 

Astro Mother and Girl Odysseus by Dawn Sperber  http://www.foxchasereview.org/11WS/DawnSperber.html 

Old Habits and It’s Raining Blood by Louise Halvardsson  http://www.foxchasereview.org/11June/LouiseHalvardsson.html 

Family by Michael Onofrey http://www.foxchasereview.org/11June/MichaelOnofrey.html 

Mexico by Robert Hambling Davis http://www.foxchasereview.org/11June/RobertHamblingDavis.html 

Life Among the Clouds by Noah Cutler http://www.foxchasereview.org/11June/NoahCutler.html 

Fingerprints on the Windowpane by William Hastings http://www.foxchasereview.org/11June/WilliamHastings.html 

The Children’s Magical Garden by Amy Bergen http://www.foxchasereview.org/11AW/ABergen.html 

A Beijing Feast by Peter Tieryas Liu http://www.foxchasereview.org/11AW/PTieryasLiu.html 

Boxing up Martin and The Exorcism by Nathalie Cherjovsky  http://www.foxchasereview.org/12WS/NataliaCherjovsky.html 

The Snake Charmer’s Arm & Other Altered States by Andrea Isacson http://www.foxchasereview.org/12WS/AlexandraIsacson.html