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Some Books You May Want To Have a Look At

Could You Be With Her Now


You can read the fiction of Jen Michalski in The Fox Chase Review: http://www.foxchasereview.org/11WS/JenMichalski.html

Watering Heaven


You can read the fiction of Peter Tieryas Liu in The Fox Chase Review: http://www.foxchasereview.org/11AW/PTieryasLiu.html

Having a Little Talk with Capital P Poetry


You can read the poetry of Jim Daniels in The Fox Chase Review: http://www.foxchasereview.org/13WS/Daniels.html

Some Not So Thanksgiving Stories and Poems

From the archives of The Fox Chase Review

Peter Tieryas Liu A Beijing Feast

Elijah J. Pringle  Chicken Soup Confession

Ish Klein  The Lonely Saint for Lonely Travelers

Justin Vitiello  To the Huichol Nation

Paulette Harper My Wild Christmas Rose

Joe Roarty  Circus

Louis McKee  Still Life

Noah Cutler Breakfast at Sal’s



The 11th Edition of The Fox Chase Review is now on line

The 11th Edition of   The Fox Chase Review is now on line

Poetry by:

Lester Mobely, David Harris Ebenbach, Ditta Baron Hoeber, Travis Jeppesen , Breonna Krafft, Philip Dacey , Jim Cronin, Rebecca Schumejda, Ashley-Elizabeth Best, Kirsten Kaschock, Jennifer Wong,  Jose Angel Araguz

Fiction by:

Jenny Kingsley, Amy Bergen, Peter Tieryas Liu