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Philadelphia Primary Day 2015- A snapshot in Fox Chase

Philadelphia Mayoral Candidates on the Arts – Vote May 19th

Republican Committeewoman Janet Lanetti 63-1A walking tour of several polling places in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia revealed low voter turnout as of 9 a.m. this morning. Millions of dollars spent and a large ballot of candidates, still low turnout. Longtime Republican Committeewoman Janet Lanetti waited patiently at the Loudenslager  Legion Hall for Republican voters. Majority Inspector Erica Nix of 63-1 advised 21 out of 660 voters had come to the polls and she predicted a 20% turnout by the end of the day. Over at the Presbyterian Church of Fox Chase, Democrat Democrat Committeeman Jim Kimenour 63-2Committeeman Jim Kimenour of 63-2 advised 18 out 587 voters had turned out. Kimenour predicted a turnout in his division of 25 to 30 percent by the end of the day. Over at Ryerss Polling Place 63-8Ryerss, 63-8, election officials advised 23 of 563 voters had turned out and predicted 17 % turnout by the end of the day. Republican Council-at-Large candidate Matt Wolfe was greeting voters in Ryerss parking lot. Fox Chase Library

Get out and vote!

Council at Large Candidate Matt Wolf with Robert Nix

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