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Hop Angel Brauhaus- German/American Food and Great Beer

Hop Angel 1We have enjoyed The Hop Angel Brauhaus located at Rhawn Street and Oxford Avenue since it opened.

The service is always warm and friendly and the quality of the food has continued to improve especially after a change in Chefs. Our only bad dining experience involved returning a steak ordered well done that was delivered rare and returned to the Chef. The result was not appetizing to say the least and we were disappointed as we are regular customers. 99% of the time we have a wonderful dining experience at the Hop Angel.  Let us talk about the positives.

Hop Angel 5 by g emil reutter

Our daughters enjoy the appetizer menu. The two favorites are Brauhaus Mac and Cheese and Potato Pancakes. The Mac and Cheese is wonderfully prepared with cavatappi pasta tossed with smoked gouda, parmesan and a cheddar cheese sauce toped off with crackers.  The Potato Pancakes are topped with apple sauce and sour cream and are served in a quantity of six. These appetizers are a meal in themselves and the girls are never disappointed. The Fries are also a favorite.

Hop Angel 6by g emil reutter

Alone or in a group we normally order the following menu items that never fail in receiving praise from those who dine with us.

  1. Sirloin Steak: The steak is normally cooked and served as ordered. Grilled and topped with a blue cheese herb it melts in your mouth. The mashed potatoes are outstanding as is the vegetable of the day.
  2. Meatloaf:  It is difficult to polish off the meatloaf that is served in an onion sauce topped with a fried egg. As with the steak the mashed potatoes are outstanding.
  3. Burgermeister Meisterburger: This 10 oz. burger is simply a belly buster. Topped with ham, crisp onions, Hab Sauce, smoked gouda cheese and a fried egg it rates as one of the best in Philly.
  4. Build Your Own Burger: For those on an adventure you can enjoy the 8oz burger with a wide array of toppings of your choice to include various cheeses, bacon, fried egg, tomato, onions, pickels, hot peppers, sweet peppers, pickled peppers and of course lettuce.

Our friend Noah and his wife Diana normally order from the extensive German menu and always rave about the presentation of the food and the atmosphere of the Brauhaus.

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The beer menu changes often offering a mix of German and other imports; as well as Philadelphia craft beers. A taste is always offered before ordering a beer and we have never been disappointed in our choice.

hop angel 4The restaurant consists of a main dining area and an upstairs dining area. The bar also has seating in addition to the traditional bar seats. The crowd can be unique at times with hipsters and middle aged folks mixing about the bar and dining areas. The Hop Angel is rustic in appearance with Wissahickon stone walls, dark wood molding and tables as well as wood carvings about the restaurant. In the warm weather a Biergarten is open for those who enjoy dining outside.  There are always special events at The Hop Angel and you can check them out or just visit on the web at : http://hopangel.com/


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The Hop Angel Brauhaus is located at 7980 Oxford Avenue in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia. It is close to the Fox Chase Train Station and the 18 bus loop. There is a large parking lot in the rear of the Brauhaus for those who desire to travel by car.

This is the second in a series on eateries in the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia.

-g emil reutter

Moonstruck Restaurant – Romance and Fine Dining

Moonstruck street view by g emil reutter
We were greeted nicely at the door by the hostess and seated quickly as we arrived for our six o’clock reservation.  Moonstruck Restaurant has a retro elegance and charm about the main dinning area.  Our waiter, Altin, provided excellent service as did the support staff. We were never out of bread, dipping oil or water during the meal. Silverware and plates were removed quickly following the completion of each course. The atmosphere of the restaurant and attentive wait staff lends itself to a wonderfully romantic dinner.

Our first course was a cream of chicken soup with spinach that simply delighted the palate.  The relaxed atmosphere permitted us to savor this course until the arrival of our main selection and contributed to our time for private conversation.

courtesy of Moonstruck Restuarnt 2

The main course exceeded our expectations. We both ordered Filet Mignon well done. The cut was excellent and cooked exactly as we wanted. The presentation was outstanding with sliced potato, carrots and broccoli appointed in such a manner to allow the Filet Mignon to be the star of the meal.

Following the main course we were served coffee by Altin and a carafe for a second cup was placed on the table. We ordered dessert and relaxed once again after the filling main course. The beauty of eating at Moonstruck is that there is no rush on the part of the staff that monitors your every need.

Diane ordered Tiramisu and was delighted with the presentation of mousse, mascarpone and poached pear frullata appointed with various other fruits.  I ordered Mela, apple with cider syrup, vanllia amaretti gelato. Both desserts were outstanding.

We did not order wine although Moonstruck has an extensive wine list.  Our meal cost in the $100 range and was worth every penny spent. We departed Moonstruck an hour and fifteen minutes after our arrival as very satisfied customers

Moonstruck full view by g emil reutter

Moonstruck is located at 7955 Oxford Avenue in the heart of Fox Chase.  The restaurant is located adjacent to the Fox Chase train station and across from the 18 bus loop. There is ample parking for customers who arrive by car. If you live in the Northeast, Center City, or many of the great neighborhoods of Philadelphia and the suburbs, Moonstruck is worth the visit. You can visit Moonstruck on the web at http://www.moonstruckrestaurant.com/

This is the first in a series of reviews of eateries in the heart of the Fox Chase neighborhood of Philadelphia.

– g emil reutter