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It’s National Poetry Month! What are you doing?

You could read poetry during the lazy days of April or you could visit

The Tenth Muse – A Poetry Workshop with Diane Sahms-Guarnieri on April 21st or  Poetry Ink 2012 on April 22 and Northeast Philadelphia Memorial for Poet/Teacher Louis McKee on April 29th.  Or follow  Recommended Reading for National Poetry Month

Poetry Ink 2012


110A S. 13th Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19107
February 2012

                  16th Annual Poetry Ink Reading

Sunday, April 22, 12pm

16th Annual Poetry Ink:

100 Poets Reading

Sunday, April 22, at Noon

16th Annual Poetry Ink


Academic Poets, Famous Poets, Free Form Poets, Street Poets, Unknown Poets, Spoken Word Poets, Published Poets,

Unpublished Poets, and more

Each reader gets 3 minutes – that’s a full day of poetry!

We supply the Coffee, you bring the desserts.

For 2012, the readings will be in alphabetical order,

A to Z – By last name

Poetry Ink is an open, festive, participatory community event.  Please invite your friends and feel free to pass this information along  to any other poets & writers that you think might be interested in  participating.

“Nowhere else in Philly do we get such a wonderful mix  of people, voices, and generations. It is an experience in the  varieties of personalities as much as in poetry and poetics – everything  from uplift to satire, from political protest to personal sorrow, love  poems and tirades, transgression and decorum, the outrageous and the  outraged, ranters and restrained formalists, street and academy,  performance poets and shy ladies barely audible – pretty much the human  spectrum.”

– Poet Eleanor Wilner

Visit: www.moonstoneartscenter.org



Remember to check our website: www.moonstoneartscenter.org for the latest updates and information about upcoming events. If you would like to have your event at the arts center, contact larry@moonstoneartscenter.org.