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Rodger Lowenthal’s Under the Stars to Benefit Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program


Rodger Lowenthal is presenting Under the Stars, a program of poetry and music on June 7th, 7 p.m.  to benefit the Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program. @ 213 Maple Avenue, Wyncote, Pa. 19095. Donation: $15.00. RSVP rodlow31@yahoo.com or call 215-885-5557


Featured Poets are: Mel Brake, Mike Cohen and Christopher Bursk 

Mel Brake

Mike CohenChristopher Bursk





Featured Musicians are: Saul Broudy, Jim Dragoni and Sunday Brown

Jim Dragonisaul broudy.







Ben-Oni and Mcilroy Delight the Crowd

Featured Poets Leslie Anne Mcilroy and Rosebud Ben-Oni

Featured Poets Leslie Anne Mcilroy and Rosebud Ben-Oni

Featured Poet Rosebud Ben-Oni

Featured Poet Rosebud Ben-Oni


Featured Poet Leslie Anne Mcilroy

Featured Poet Leslie Anne Mcilroy

Featured Poets Rosebud Ben-Oni and Leslie Anne Mcilroy delighted the crowd with an outstanding reading at Ryerss Museum and Library followed by an exceptional open mic. Thanks to Diane Sahms-Guarnieri, Saul Broudy, Rodger Lowenthal, F Omar Telan, Mary Brucker, Ian Wolf, Liz Mayeux, Hila Ratzabi for reading in the open. Photos of the event can be viewed here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12065560@N04/sets/72157629096910438/

Mobley and Kramer Melt the Ice at Ryerss

Featured Poets Lester Mobley and Bruce KramerLester Mobley and Bruce Kramer gave a great reading as The Fox Chase Reading Series kicked off their 2013 season at Ryerss Museum and Library. Thanks to Saul Broudy, Suzan Jivan, Diane Sahms-Guarnieri and Monica Martin for reading in the open. You can view photos of today’s reading at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12065560@N04/sets/72157629096910438/

Next Up: Arthur and Clausers on Feb. 24th @ 2pm

Saul Broudy – A Profile

Philadelphian Saul Broudy of Fox Chase has been performing for over 40 years in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Mid-East. He accompanies his singing on guitar, but is best-known as a harmonica player, having worked and recorded with such artists as Steve Goodman, Loudon Wainwright, Jim Ringer, Utah Phillips and Mick Moloney, among others. He has his own album, Travels with Broudy. Saul also recorded a collaborative album with other singers, In Country- Americans in the Vietnam War

Saul Broudy performs regularly for The Pennsylvania Humanities Council and The New Jersey Humanities Council. Although known as a folk singer he also plays blues, country, bluegrass and contemporary music.

Broudy is also a regular at The Fox Chase Reading Series performing solo and collaborating with Poet Rodger Lowenthal. His stunning harmonica playing is always a enjoyed by the crowd. In addition to his touring of folk festivals and other venues he is known to join bands at local events and pubs on stage. You can visit with Saul at Facebook and listen to him play on Youtube.

Saul Broudy on Youtube

Saul Broudy on Facebook

Under the Stars – Poetry and BLues

Under the Stars Poetry and Blues

Paul Siegell
Brian Smith
Diane Guarnieri
Joanne Leva
Fred Stuckey of Gas Money
Saul Braudy
Phyllis Chapell of Ciora
Doris Ferleger

May 19, 2012 (Saturday), 7 pm
213 Maple Ave, Wyncote PA 19095

Donation $15.00 (All proceeds to poets & musicians)
Soft drinks provided. Alcohol up to you.
Small desserts appreciated.

To reserve your seat, please contact:
215-885- 5557

Farewell to Lou….

 The Fox Chase Reading Series held the 3rd memorial reading for Poet/Teacher Louis McKee yesterday. The tribute was opened by an excellent performance by The Sun Bear Duo followed by a powerful set by Featured poet Steve Delia. On behalf of State Rep. Michael McGeehan, Diane Sahms-Guarnieri presented a state citation to Joseph Farley, one of his publishers, honoring the memory of Lou McKee by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A gracious crowd then heard various poets own styling’s of McKee’s poetry with memories of Louis McKee intertwined with the poetry. Special thanks to Poets Thomas Devaney, Steve Delia, Joe Farley, Robert Burns, Mike Cohen, Peter Krok, Mel Brake, Lester Mobely and Suzan Jiving in addition to Folk Singer Saul Broudy and Retired Father Judge teacher, Tom Rooney.  Many of the poets were graduates of Father Judge High School and the crowd was a mix of poets, Judge graduates and teachers.

Photographs of the event are available at this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12065560@N04/sets/72157629096910438/

All the best,

Diane and g

Northeast Philadelphia Memorial for Poet/Teacher Louis McKee with Featured Poet Steve Delia and musical guests Mary and The Sun Bear Trio.

The Fox Chase Reading Series presents a tribute to Louis Mckee with Featured Poet Steve Delia, Mary and The Sun Bear Trio and an open reading with special guests reading the work of Louis McKee. This special Featured Poets Reading on April 29th will begin at 1:30pm at Ryerss Museum and Library, 7370 Central Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19111.

“You think you could not have mattered/that much…/ I pick up the right stone/and throw it; watch the river change.” – Louis McKee

Louis McKee Obituary :http://planphilly.com/articles/2011/11/23/obituary-louis-mckee-1951-2011

Memorial for Louis McKee – The poet and longtime Father Judge Teacher passed away on November 21, 2011, Lou was scheduled to read at this event prior to his passing. He was a special friend to The Fox Chase Review having his work published three times in our first four years and having presented his poetry at The Fox Chase Reading Series four times including Poets in the Park. State Representative Michael McGeehan will present a Pennsylvania State Citation in honor of Louis McKee. Students/friends and poets desiring to share memories or a poem of Louis McKee are invited to attend the memorial reading. To sign up in advance to read in the open memorial to Louis McKee please email foxchasereadingseries@yahoo.com  and join Poet Thomas Devaney, Poet Joe Farely of Cynic Press publisher of Louis McKee, Alyce Wilson publisher of Wild Violet Magazine, Diane Sahms-Guarnieri Poetry Editor of The Fox Chase Review,  Peter Krok of The Schuylkill Valley Journal, Poet Mike Cohen of Poetry Aloud and Alive, Poet Rodger Lowenthal, Folk Singer Saul Broudy, Poet Mel Brake, Poet Bruce Kramer, James Dugan of Lunchbreak, Poet Lester Mobley, Poet g emil reutter and others. The tribute will follow the reading by Steve Delia. You can read the poetry of Louis McKee in The Fox Chase Review at these links: 2008 WS; 2008 AW; 2009 AW Poet Steve Delia is a Father Judge graduate and former student of Louis Mckee. He has been crumpling balls of paper into the trash can for 30 years now. The one’s he keeps he calls poetry. He has also killed trees with short stories and most recently a homicide with his first essay. His idea of a perfect evening is scrapple by candlelight and a couple of games of naked twister. He lives with his record and CD collections and ponders why he can’t blow up and tie balloons. He has released chapbooks titled Revisited, Revised, Retyped and 1622 Church Street. His latest chapbook that was inspired by a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo was released in 2011. You can read his poetry in FCR at this link: http://www.foxchasereview.org/2008/01-SteveDelia.html Mary and The Sun Bear Trio  was formed by three Father Judge Graduates and have played under various names at The Theater of the Living Arts and a number of venues in the Northeast. If you cannot make the April 29th Memorial for Louis McKee, The Mad Poets Society is honoring Lou with a memorial in Media Delaware County on March 18th. For more information on the MPS Memorial please visit: http://www.madpoetssociety.com/ Update: Short article and photos of the April 29th Memorial at this link: https://foxchasereview.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/farewell-to-lou/